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You know you’ve made it in the teen wolf fashion blogging world when teenwolffashions follows you!!

Anonymous: Sorry if this is too much, but take your time! I won't need this for another month, just want to ask ahead of time!: Holland inspired 1) Black-Friday shopping, 2) Thanksgiving casual/cute 3) Christmas casual/cute. Maybe for Thanksgiving something with a scarf, and Christmas definitely with a skirt. No rush! Thank you, again, sorry!!:) 

That’s not too much at all! I’ll have those done for you as soon as I can!

Anonymous: can you make malia inspired winter sets? 

Done! Sorry for the long wait

Anonymous: Can you do like a bum day thing for malia Scott Liam stiles and Derek please?? Thanks bae 

I’ve already done it! Either look through the comfy tag or click this link :)

Anonymous: Can u do Lydia's, Allison's and Stiles' necklaces? 

Yes! I have a few requests to do, then I’ll do this one