i teen wolf style
Anonymous: Please make some(or a lot:) of going back to school looks. I'm in high school and I want to rock it. For malia please! :) 

I’ll probably make a lot for her of going back to school looks because personally, I love her style the most since it’s so similar to mine. I’ll post some tomorrow but I’ll probably make some more later too, so be on the lookout for those!

Anonymous: Oh hahah for malia stiles Liam and Derek please 😁 

Okay sure! Probably tomorrow since I just got back from a concert and I need to sleep :)

Anonymous: Could you do an outfit for going out to dinner with friends please? 

Of course, who for?

Anonymous: Where ya at? Come back doll! 

I’m here doll!! Been busy, but just waiting on requests! I’ve had a sadly empty ask box!