i teen wolf style
Anonymous: Could you do some Lydia and Allison lake outfits? 

Of course! I’ll have those for you sometime this week

Anonymous: Lydia inspired camping? 

Sure! Towards the end of the week :)

Anonymous: Whats inside Lydia and Malias backpacks 

For Malia, probably lots of highlighters! I’ll make a set for both this week

Anonymous: Stiles and Lydia sleepover essentials andclothes 

Sure! I’ve done pajama sets so check that tag too since I won’t be able to work on it this week

So I have cheerleading camp this week, which means I’ll try to get this week’s episode’s outfits posted, but I may not be able to do requests. You can still send them in and I’ll work on them when I get a chance or at the end of the week!

Anonymous: I asked about the Lydia and Malia school clothes: I didn't mean what bags Lydia would use, I mwant what she would carry in her bag! xxx 

Oh okay! I’ll post a set for that later today

Anonymous: please make some malia school outfits with a black jansport love ur blog 

I’m working on a Malia school basics set so I’ll put that backpack in it!